Medical Professionals

As a Doctor, you want to help people.

That’s why you started on this career path no doubt.

We love that, and we want to help.

You don’t want to be wasting your precious time thinking about tax, deadlines, structuring, financing, or any complex business for that matter.

With many medical professionals on board our client list, we know the ins and outs of what you need, what’s required and how we can help. But more importantly, we know that you want to focus on helping people.

Whether you are a GP contractor at a clinic, hospital, a nurse, specialist, own your own medical clinic or anywhere in between we’d love to set your mind at ease that we will take care of you.

  • Are you trying to make tax easier?

    We explain everything so you can understand

  • Looking for an expert?

    Our team deal with Doctors on a daily basis

  • Want to make sure you’re not overpaying tax?

    Pay the right amount, and no more!

  • Do you want no hidden surprises?

    We have just one monthly fee that will be direct debited

  • Want to know how much money to put away for tax?

    Tax planning, forecast & reviews included.

  • Do you want to see your financials in real time?

    We will set you up with cloud accounting software and help you use it

  • Would you like help as you grow?

    Got plans to open your own clinic, buy an Investment Property, or move onto bigger and better things? We are here to help

  • Do you hate calling the ATO?

    We will do that for you

  • Do you want advice when you need it?

    Got a question, no problem

What stage are you in currently?

As you grow as a professional, we are here to help your dreams come true, your wealth grow and plan for your retirement.

GP in training
New Doctor
GP in clinic
Opening own clinic

Important dates to refer to

There are some dates that we need to lodge to the ATO by, to make it easier to see what’s coming up we have them all here for you.


Doctor tax return checklist

When it’s time to get your tax return completed, here is some things we will be looking at.

Like the sound of what we can help with? Get in touch

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