SMSF and Financial Planning

With the right advice, you could be retiring sooner than you think

  • Self Managed Super Funds

    Did you know that you don’t have to keep your super in a traditional account? You have the option of doing it yourself, and it can be quite beneficial.

    This is a phrase that is becoming more popular and you may have heard a bit about it.

    If you are thinking about your future retirement (and this may not be for quite some time!), but don’t want to stick with the mainstream, this may be for you.

    You will need specific accounts, audits and obligations – our team can explain everything and help.

  • Financial Planning

    Have a goal in mind and need some help to make it a reality?

    That’s what our financial planning partner Paul Benson does!

    He can produce financial strategies to set you on the path to achieving the choices in life that you seek, and will support you in implementing that plan. Whether it’s planning for retirement, savings for your kids’ education, or planning for a significant life change, Paul can help.

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