3 ways to motivate workers

The question of motivating employees is often on a business owner’s mind. It can be difficult to find ways to genuinely motivate employees at work, and often the old standards—performance-based bonuses, increased rewards and commissions—only…
covid vaccine sticker

Freedoms for the fully vaccinated and what it means to business

Australia’s two largest states and the ACT are in lockdown as the Delta strain of COVID-19 takes its toll while others are standing firm on a policy of eradication. The result is a country at a policy impasse and divided by border restrictions. And,…

Retrain your staff with the tax man’s help

For many business owners, fear of incurring a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) bill has kept them from retraining and re-skilling their employees to perform different roles or activities within the business. But a new exemption announced by…
jobmaker information

JobMaker Hiring Credits: What We Know So Far

JobMaker has officially passed Parliament. Here is what has been announced so far: What is JobMaker? JobMaker is a credit available to eligible businesses for hiring additional employees (not if you are merely replacing someone who…
avoid FBT christmas

Christmas is coming – avoid being stung by FBT

As the festive season fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for the break. If possible, we want to avoid paying more tax in the form of FBT this Christmas time. Because really, who wants to pay an additional tax? (not us!) We’ll show you how.

Four business hurdles that trip up first timers

Whether you’re keen to start monetizing a passion project, or want to finally escape office politics and run your own show, here are four issues that regularly trip up new business owners. Starting your own business is an exciting time.…