There is something that was on our radar for our business goals, and that was to be completely Xero focused. We find the Xero platform superior over others and find it far more beneficial to be highly skilled with the best rather than some basic knowledge on everything.

We were already not taking on any new clients who weren’t on Xero (unless we were migrating them over to the platform), we just had one long standing client on MYOB.

At Optimised we may not be your regular Accounting firm, but we still get some kicks out of some of the nerdy stuff.

We are excited to have migrated our one client that was on MYOB across to Xero. This makes us now well and truely 100% Xero based, and we are SO happy about it.

We even celebrated the Xero training with a surprise cake!

Being 100% Xero based with our managed business clients makes us what Xero calls ‘True Blue’ and we are honoured and chuffed to be able to call ourselves that.

To read more about how we work with Xero, click here.

It’s worth making a song and dance about!