tax from your couch

Tax from your couch

Life is busy – we not only get it, but this year we are actually embracing it by making a way to do your tax without actually coming in. This year we have introduced a new way of doing tax. From your couch. Yep you heard that right. It's…

Phone tax appointment

We know you're busy, if you'd like to have your tax appointment by phone or Zoom that is easy to do. We explain what we need you to email through to us prior to your appointment.

Don’t blow it. Make the most of your tax refund

Most Australians receive a tax refund, but not all spend it wisely. Here’s how to make the most of your tax windfall – and not blow it all in Bali. It's now October, and we have already lodged most of our clients individual tax returns.…

Do you know what you can and can't claim?

Taxpayers are being put on notice by the ATO, which will be paying close attention to claims for ‘other work-related expenses’ this year. Ensuring you have appropriate records, and sound advice, will be more important than ever for…