Can you believe it’s tax time again already?

As our appointment bookings flood in, we wanted to share with you a list of possible deductions and what to bring with you on the day. We don’t want you to miss out on any of those precious deductions so please tally up everything prior to your appointment.

A downloadable list can be found here.

What do I need to bring to my tax appointment?

  • Annual payment summaries
  • Bank interest
  • Private Health insurance statement
  • Lump sum and termination payments
  • Government Social Security payments (pensions, unemployment, maternity leave, sickness benefits)
  • Details of any CGT asset sales (shares and real estate)
  • Annuities, including allocated pensions or super income streams
  • Income from trusts and partnerships (statements of distribution should be provided where appropriate
  • Interest and dividends received and any tax deducted. (include franked dividends/imputation credits)
  • Foreign income and details of any foreign tax credits
  • Any business/contracting income earned
  • Details of spouse income

In a spreadsheet (NO RECEIPTS!), please list any expenses you may have incurred for work, including:

  • Details of work related vehicle usage
  • Details of any overnight/interstate/overseas travel for work
  • Uniform or protective clothing purchase/maintenance
  • Self education expenses relating to your current work
  • Expenses relating to working from home
  • Subscriptions/union fees relating to your employment
  • Tools of trade
  • Income Protection Insurance Premiums
  • Accounting fees for the previous financial year
  • Donations

What if I also have a rental property?

Firstly, please make sure you have mentioned that you have a rental property so we have allocated you a longer allocated time.

Please send through this information:

  • Agents annual summary listing all rent received & deductions from rent
  • If self-leased, details of the weekly/monthly rent
  • Details of any refinancing undertaken throughout the year
  • Details of any re-draws made on the mortgage throughout the year
  • Advertising expenses for tenants
  • Body corporate/strata fees paid
  • Cleaning expenses
  • Council rates
  • Lawn & garden care expenses
  • Building/contents/landlord insurance expenses
  • Land tax paid
  • Legal costs paid
  • Pest control fees
  • Property (real estate) agents fees
  • Bank fees/charges
  • Repairs & maintenance on the property
  • Depreciation schedule for the property
  • Water rates
  • Sundry expenses

What if I want to send through anything before hand?