Business due dates available as download.

Updated posters available

The last 2 years Optimised Accounting created and distributed a poster for business owners to see at a glance the important due dates for businesses.

Now that all of our lives have been turned to online, this year we are happy to have these available to anyone who would like one.

There are lots of dates to remember for Australian business owners, so we have created this due date calendar so that you can have it front and mind throughout the year. Keep it as a digital copy, or print it at home.

(this is now an old calendar so link has been removed)



Some of the important dates:


Quarterly Business Activity Statements are the due dates that can be the most confusing.

  • September BAS due 28th October 2021 (extended until 25th November 2021 with a tax agent)
  • December BAS due 28th February 2021 (everyone gets an extension on this one!)
  • March BAS due April 28th 2022 (extended until 28th May 2022 with a tax agent)
  • June BAS due 28th July 2022 (extended until 26th August 2022 with a tax agent)


Employee Superannuation is also paid in quarters, and is very important that it’s on time.

  • Due 28th July 2021 (Put through batches by 20th July 2021)
  • Due 28th October 2021 (Put through batches by 20th October 2021)
  • Due 28th January 2022 (Put through batches by 20th January 2022)
  • Due 28th April 2022 (Put through batches by 20th April 2022)


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