Lego tax deduction fail

Weirdest tax deductions revealed

Would you claim the Lego you bought for your kids throughout the year as a tax deduction? One taxpayer did and it made the Australian Taxation Office’s 2018-19 list of most unusual claims. The Lego was not the only claim for money spent…
1 July changes from the ATO

1st July changes: what you need to know

As of 1st July 2019 there were some changes that came into affect. This includes: Insurance inside Superannuation funds We let you know the tax tip-offs from the ATO Laundry expenses are going to be reviewed Who owns the assets…
tax from your couch

Tax from your couch 2019

Life is busy – we not only get it, but this year we are actually embracing it by making a way to do your tax without actually coming in. This year we have introduced a new way of doing tax. From your couch. Yep you heard that right. It's…
30 days of june tax tips

June tax tips

Throughout June we will be sharing some tax tips for businesses this coming tax time. These will be short and sweet and we hope you will learn something for this upcoming tax season. 1. Working from home  If you don’t have a dedicated…