We sent out an email about a new grant and we said that there were limited applications available. Well, it has been exhausted and they are now taking waitlists.

To quickly sum up:

The Victorian government announced a new $2000 grant for businesses to access business advice. This can be something like an accountant (like us) or a lawyer.
To be eligible you must employ at least one staff member amongst other things.

small business specialist advice pathways program

More details:

The Victorian Government has launched the new $5 million Small Business Specialist Advice Pathways Program for Victorian small business owners to access financial and legal advice from trusted professionals (that’s us!)

Eligible small businesses can receive a $2,000 grant to cover the costs of engaging a qualified service provider that can help with financial and legal advice.

The project is eligible for funding if expenditure supports at least one or more of the following scope of services listed below:

a) Advice and analysis regarding the management of cash flow, preparation or cash flow budgets and projections,
b) Profitability analysis and formulation of financial management and/or operational business strategies,
c) Strategic analysis to revise business planning and/or governance arrangements,
d) Advice regarding the management of debts and liabilities, or

e) Advice and/or representation regarding commercial agreement contract terms (i.e. commercial leases or commercial supply contracts).

Successful applicants will be informed in October 2022, and the project must be completed by January 2023. The project can only commence after you receive the acceptance letter.


  • $2,000 (ex GST) $1,000 upfront, $1,000 on completion of project
  • applications have been exhausted, and there is now a waitlist
  • service cannot be retrospective or for ‘business as usual’ activities like annual accounts and tax returns

How we can help

We can provide any or all of the eligible services under this grant.
These include:
  • advice and analysis regarding the management of cash flow;
  • preparation or cash flow budgets and projections;
  • profitability analysis and formulation of financial management and/or operational business strategies;
  • strategic analysis to revise business planning;
  • advice regarding the management of debts and liabilities.

In accordance with the program, we’ll deliver this between October 2022 and January 2023, including preparation and planning time and in-session support and advice. Once you have applied for the grant, send a pdf copy of the application by e-mail, and we will develop a program specific to your needs ready for kick-off as soon as you receive the ‘successful email’.

Who is eligible?

  • located in Victoria
  • must employ people (up to 19 FTE) and have Workers Compensation Insurance
  • must have been in operation since 1-Jul-20 with the same ABN

Who’s not eligible?

  • answering no to any of the above
  • if your trust is set up with individuals as the trustee, as opposed to a company
  • If you’re sole trader that does not employ
  • If you’re an individual & do not run a business (this is for businesses only)

What do I need to do?

Firstly, we can’t do the application for you – as the funds can be used for our services, the state government have not allowed us complete the actual application – sorry!
All the applications have been exhausted, but they are taking waitlists. You can put yourself on the waitlist here.

Can I read more information?


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