Happy New Year!

If you are excited about the new year and the possibilities that it brings, we have a gift for you.

A new year is a great time to sit back and reflect, and then improve your business.

Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, or improving your current one, many experts recommend starting with a business plan.

We have one for you to download for free.

This document is 26 pages – so get yourself a coffee, sit down and tackle it before the year gets crazy!

Yes please, I’d love a business plan to fill in

Click here to grab your business plan.

What’s included?

  • Executive summary
  • Business background
  • Business strategy
  • My team
  • SWOT and critical success factors
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Financial plan
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business ownership structure (companies)
  • Compliance
  • IT and equipment
  • Help

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